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Curving Street (2000)
Toru Sugita, A Street “Curving St.”, (2000), etching, aquatint, drypoint

“Flashing”: New Works by
Hye-Kyung Kim and Toru Sugita

Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver BC Thru-Jul 31

In their summer exhibition, Vancouver’s Art Beatus Gallery presents a unique match of two artists who work in diverse styles, yet whose graphic styles and methods share affinities.

Korean-Canadian artist Hye-Kyung Kim has a simple, almost child-like style. She concentrates on the essence of each image to catch an impression rather than a representation of her natural subjects. Her drawings have the effect of prints, with intense colours and a strong line, but they are made with ink and pencil combined with such unusual materials as powder made from stones and clams. Although Kim obtained both her Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts in Korea, majoring in oriental painting, her drawings integrate a Western approach.

Japanese-American printmaker Toru Sugita works in black and white, concentrating mainly on intaglio processes like etching and aquatinting. Since residing in Los Angeles for the past five years, his photograph-like images capture the solidifying effects of sun and shadow on the urban environment. His work is strongly architectural. Diagonal lines and geometric spaces are shaped by light and the effects of late-afternoon sun on buildings and intersections.

In unison, the images complement each other well. Where Kim attends to a sense of delicate movement and organic shape, Sugita picks up more sombre chords.

© Mia Johnson


 Thu, Jun 6, 2002