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Deborah Worsfold, Picture Window (2001), monotype
[Linda Lando Fine Art, Vancouver BC, Jun 6-20]

Deborah Worsfold

Linda Lando Fine Art
Vancouver BC • Jun 6-20

Deborah Worsfold's name became well-known to the Vancouver public between 1995-2001 when she established a local art gallery. She since has devoted herself full-time to her work and exploring new techniques. From a series of workshops that Worsfold attended with master printmaker Jamie Evrard during the past year, she has evolved hundreds of new pieces.

The artist's work with colour and form from previous years and the monotype drawings were the inspiration for three bodies of work ranging from 22" x 30" acrylic on board to large scale canvas, all interiors painted this year.

Seven large-scale paintings and 20 from a recent series of 150 monotypes are on display at Linda Lando this June. A predominate theme is room interiors with lyrically-captured furniture settings. The black and white monotype images, which emphasize the art of drawing, have a delicate post-Victorian look. The monotypes are comprised of transfer drawings, the negative from the plate and also direct drawing on the plate.

© Mia Johnson


 Fri, Jun 7, 2002