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Domestic Bliss

Open Space
Victoria BC – Jun 2-Jul 22

Martin Golland, Interstice (2003)

Martin Golland, Interstice (2003), oil on canvas [Open Space, Victoria BC, Jun 2-Jul 22]

Curator Roy Green brings together the work of three Canadian artists in an exploration of “domestic bliss” – that elusive element that makes a house a home. Ontario painter Martin Golland, Victoria sculptor Karina Kalvaitis and Victoria painter.

Robert Randall pose concepts of houses as status symbols, architecture, shelter, security, exterior and interior decor, investments, commodities and as places of personal expression and identity. The artists present an informal public talk on June 3 at noon.

Guelph artist Martin Golland is known for paintings that create a miasma of visual sensations. In Domestic Bliss, he presents circular oil paintings where snippets of doorways, stairs, windows and über-modern furniture collide in whirlwinds of perceptual distortion. Golland earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University (Montreal) and is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Guelph. 

Karina Kalvaitis brings a Visual Arts Diploma from the Alberta College of Art and Design to bear on her delightful designer furniture with 1950s motifs. Enchanting whimsicality and bright colours characterize her work. Her sculptural tableaux in this exhibit are intended to accentuate “the fine line between homes and cages.” Robert Randall appropriates vintage real estate advertisements for suburban homes in B.C. and presents them as small-scale oil paintings on recycled lumber. Randall will paint directly on the wall at Open Space during the exhibit.


Mia Johnson 

Robert Randall, Untitled (2006)

Robert Randall, Untitled (2006), painting [Open Space, Victoria BC, Jun 2-Jul 22]

 Thu, Jun 1, 2006