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First Nations Art Exhibits:
Historical to Contemporary

Charles Edenshaw, Chest with Lion

Charles Edenshaw, Chest with Lion (ca. 1886), argillite, bone [Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jun 10-Sep 17]

Davida Kidd, The Weight of Reason (2006)

Artist unknown (Tlingit), Headdress Frontlet (ca. 1870), wood, pigments, abalone [Equinox Gallery Vancouver BC, Jun 10-Jul 8]

RAVEN TRAVELLING: TWO CENTURIES OF HAIDA ART, VANCOUVER ART GALLERY – Jun 10-Sep 17 This spectacular exhibition features more than 250 works of Haida art produced over the past 200 years drawn from many prestigious collections in Canada, the United Kingdom and United States. The exhibition includes small pieces of jewellery, colourful rattles and masks, drums, ceremonial regalia, intricate weavings and chests, as well as larger works such as canoes and totem poles. Prints, drawings, paintings and sculptures also will be displayed. Raven Travelling includes work by Charles and Isabella Edenshaw and other great 19th century Haida master artists, and showcases contemporary work by Robert Davidson, Isabel Rorick and the late Bill Reid. The pieces tell the traditional stories of the Haida people, their land and the waters of Xaayda Gwaayaay or Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands).

75 YEARS OF COLLECTING: FIRST NATIONS MYTHS AND REALITIES, VANCOUVER ART GALLERY – Through Aug 27 Showcases artwork about First Nations created by people of European ancestry, and contrasts it with work by First Nations artists. Artists of First Nations ancestry include Chief Henry Speck, Bill Reid, Robert Davidson and Susan Point. Artists of European ancestry include Cornelius Kreighoff, Edward Curtis, Emily Carr and Jeff Wall.

Tom Price, Rattle (ca. 1880)

Tom Price, Rattle (ca. 1880), wood, paint [Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jun 10-Sep 17]

SHAKE! RATTLES OF THE NORTHWEST COAST, INUIT GALLERY – Jun 10-Jul 7 SHAKE! The Inuit Gallery presents contemporary Northwest Coast rattles created by Native artists working with both traditional and contemporary materials. From the ceremonial to the healing, rattles are used to sanctify gatherings, communicate with the spirit world and accompany singing and dancing. Dempsey Bob, Joe David, Johnathan Henderson, Susan Point, Isabelle Rorick, Gary Minaker Russ, Dan Wallace Simeon and William White contributed pieces to this unique exhibit.

PAST TO PRESENT, EQUINOX GALLERY – Jun 10-Jul 8 Past to Present: Important Works from the First People’s of the Northwest Coast , organized by Donald Ellis Gallery consists of 60 historical and contemporary Northwest Coast pieces dating from the late 1800s to 2006, including a drawing and gold pendant by Bill Reid, artefacts and historical photographs. Of particular interest are a photograph of a potlatch that took place in Victoria BC in 1865 and a group of paintings by the late Art Thompson.

REFLECTIONS, DOUGLAS REYNOLDS GALLERY – Jun 10-Jul 8 Reflections is an exhibition of contemporary and historic Northwest Coast art that features major pieces by Joe David, Ben Davidson, Beau Dick, Larry Rosso, Norman Tait and Don Yeomans. The Douglas Reynolds Gallery is offering a wide selection of museum-quality Northwest Coast art in a variety of media by today's leading native artists.

A NORTHWEST COAST COLLECTION, UNO LANGMANN LIMITED – Jun 10-Jul 31 More than 200 pieces of Northwest Coast art from a private estate, as well as an extensive collection of work by the Hunt family will be exhibited. The exhibition portrays the rich artistic traditions of the Coastal First Nations people in pieces created from late 1800s to 1970s for everyday use, ceremonies and trade.

SONGS OF SEA AND SKY, SONGS OF HAIDA GWAII, LINDA LANDO GALLERY – Jun 17-Jul 15 Featuring Haida Gwaii argillite, gold and silver art works illustrating themes from the natural, supernatural, mythological and spiritual worlds of the Haida people in the Queen Charlotte Islands. Many of the artists are descended from Charles Edenshaw, the most recognized argillite carver.

TWO PERSPECTIVES: VISIONS OF HAIDA GWAII, MARION SCOTT GALLERY – Jun 23-Jul 30 This exhibition juxtaposes contemporary landscapes by the northern BC painter Edward Epp with a new series of ceremonial robes by Haida artist Hazel Wilson. Both artists approach the same landscape but from two very different perspectives, testifying to Haida Gwaii's enduring power as a source of artistic inspiration.

Luke Marston, Coast Salish, Raven Stealing the Light (2006)

Luke Marston, Coast Salish, Raven Stealing the Light (2006) yew wood and abalone [Inuit Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jun 10-Jul 7]

 Thu, Jun 1, 2006