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Davida Kidd: Core Dump

Bjornson Kajiwara
Vancouver BC – through Jun 24, 2006

Davida Kidd, The Weight of Reason (2006)

Davida Kidd, The Weight of Reason (2006), lightjet [Bjornson Kajiwara, Vancouver BC, through Jun 24]

Davida Kidd is a Vancouver-based artist who stages bizarre scenarios for her photographs. Her work is full of perception, intuition, memory and imagination. Three-dimensional objects – many of them found or altered – are a key foundation for digitally-enhanced and composited images described as functioning between the “sublime and the subliminal”.

Core Dump is a series of photographs documenting an installation in the basement of Vancouver’s old B.C. Hydro building. The term “core dump” refers to the process of wiping a computer’s hard drive, and Kidd’s tableaux are like a fantasy database of props and figures let loose. Kidd created the major undertaking over a two-year period, then, as she usually does, destroyed it. A concrete room decorated with drawings, paintings and text served as the backdrop for a cast of “characters” in costumes. In this netherworld, the elaborate setting took on slightly sinister and surrealist qualities further enhanced by the photographic process.

Davida Kidd has lived and worked in Vancouver since 1989. She has an extensive teaching background in printmaking and drawing, including eight years as a fine arts instructor at the University College of the Fraser Valley. She has won numerous awards and grants. Her work has been collected in China, Japan, India, Norway, Romania, the GDR, France, Poland and Egypt. In the fall of 2006, Core Dump will travel to public museums in Kraków and Warsaw, Poland.


Mia Johnson

Davida Kidd, One wall of “Core Dump”

Davida Kidd, One wall of “Core Dump” (2006), installation, basement Electra Building [Bjornson Kajiwara, Vancouver BC, through Jun 24]

 Thu, Jun 1, 2006