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Carolyn Prowse-Fainmel: Feminine Alchemy

Ian Tan Gallery
Vancouver BC – Jun 10-Jul 6

Carolyn Prowse-Fainmel, Beauty Mark
Carolyn Prowse-Fainmel, Beauty Mark (2006), free-blown glass [Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jun 10-Jul 6]

In Feminine Alchemy, Carolyn Prowse-Fainmel presents six exquisite free-blown glass vessels between 10-20 inches high, each one completely sandblasted through to create a decorative lace effect. Shaped like female hips, they appear fragile and breakable but also have a solidity and strong presence. With their balanced patterns and stout oval shapes, the artworks have the formal sensibility of a Fabergé egg.

The filigree patterns, like crewel embroidery or tapestry, take their themes from the “fabric of life”: nature, spring, re-birth, architecture and fashion, and have an organic style reminiscent of art nouveau. The deeply carved lace effect shows her expertise and control over the medium. Prowse-Fainmel cut the glass by steadily sandblasting the surface through stencils protecting the designs. Different depths and angles of sandblasting create an array of beautiful lighting effects and opalescent surfaces.

Carolyn Prowse-Fainmel, Renaissance (2006)
Carolyn Prowse-Fainmel, Renaissance (2006), free-blown glass [Ian Tan Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jun 10-July 6]

Prowse-Fainmel graduated from Sheridan College in 2001, followed by a scholarship to attend the Pilchuck Glass School near Seattle, Washington. She is an active participant and past board member of the Glass Art Association of Canada and past editor of the GAAC magazine, Contemporary Canadian Glass. She was also one of the nine participants chosen for the first National Juried Emerging Artist Show at Material Matters in Toronto, which showcased the best of the emerging glass artists across the country.


Mia Johnson 

 Thu, Jun 1, 2006