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Joanna in the Studio
Travis Shilling, Joanna in the Studio (2005), oil on canvas

Arthur and Travis Shilling

The Moore Gallery
Victoria BC – Jun 1-19, 2006

Raggedy Anne Doll (n.d.)

Arthur Shilling, Raggedy Anne Doll (n.d.), oil on canvas


Arthur Shilling, Friends (c. 1982), oil on canvas [The Moore Gallery, Victoria BC, Jun 1-19]

The Moore Gallery is showing a unique co-exhibition of paintings by the late Ojibwe artist Arthur Shilling (1941-1986) and his son Travis. Arthur Shilling's inspirational paintings have been exhibited across Canada, New York and Brazil. The senior Shilling’s work is in the permanent collections of the McMichael Canadian Collection, National Museum of Civilization, Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, the Museum of Civilization and the Canadian Embassy Collection in Washington D.C., among many other prestigious public galleries and institutions.

From an early age, Arthur Shilling rejected conventional First Nations styles and themes, including the traditions of representing the legends and iconography of mythical animals. Instead, he sought to develop a more western approach to portraiture and landscape painting. His distinctive expressionist style with its bold strokes of colour made him a legend and the subject of an early NFB documentary, “The Beauty of my People: The Life, Work and Times of Authur Shilling” (1978).

Travis Shilling, Arthur’s youngest son, was born in 1978. Like his father, Travis seeks to capture the inner spirit of his people. His portraits show models caught in reflective moments, appearing unaware of the artist’s intrusion. Delineated by back lighting and strong contour lines, with an emphasis on negative spaces, his “mindscapes,” as he describes them, have the simplicity of paintings done from memory.

www.the mooregallery.com

Mia Johnson

Arthur Shilling, Alberta (1984), oil on canvas [The Moore Gallery, Victoria BC, Jun 1-19]

Travis Shilling, Lagoon (2005), oil on canvas [The Moore Gallery, Victoria BC, Jun 1-19]

 Thu, Jun 1, 2006