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To the Dogs

Presentation House Galler
North Vancouver BC – Jun 29-Aug 5, 2007

Shari Hatt - Jo
Shari Hatt, Jo (2001-02), c-print [Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver BC, Jun 29-Aug 5]

To the Dogs is an exhibit of historic and contemporary photographs of dogs that looks at the relationships between human and canine. The images in the exhibit portray the diverse ways dogs take part in human society as domestic pets, companions, co-workers, labourers and even performers. The exhibition includes late 1800s photographs by Edweard Muybridge, early 20th century images by the famous French photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue, and work by well-known contemporary photographers Elliott Erwitt, a Magnum photographer, and William Wegman, famous for his soulful portraits of his Weimaraner dogs in various costumes.

A highlight of the exhibit is a temporary dog portrait studio operated by Shari Hatt, who will be available for portrait sessions by appointment. The award-winning Canadian artist has photographed celebrity dogs for such clients as the Duke and Duchess of York and British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Hatt has studied at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Concordia University, Montreal and The Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta. She has exhibited her work in North America and internationally since 1993. Selections of Hatt’s dog portraits, many of which are in major museum collections, are shown in the exhibition.

June 30, 2pm
A film series of classic dog movies will also be presented during the course of the exhibition. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are invited to attend the opening reception.


Mia Johnson

Shari Hatt - Flint
Shari Hatt, Flint (2001-02), c-print [Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver BC, Jun 29-Aug 5]

Shari Hatt - Bella
Shari Hatt, Bella (2001-02), c-print [Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver BC, Jun 29-Aug 5]

 Wed, Jun 6, 2007