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Drawing Never Died: New Work on Paper

Atelier Gallery
Vancouver BC – Jun 16-Jul 7, 2007

Haydex Li - Interval 01
Haydex Li, Interval 01 (2006), ink on paper [Atelier Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jun 16-Jul 7]

Drawing Never Died is a selection of new work on paper by artists Sonja Ahlers, Haydex Li, Laura Piasta, Maxwell Simmer, Corin Sworn, Ryan Taber and Sydney Vermont. Using a variety of mediums, some not necessarily thought of as drawing materials, they variously explore figuration, still life, architecture, suburban development and the landscape.

Sonja Ahlers has been described as “an archaeologist of popular culture” for her collages of thrift store items combined with drawing in a poster-like manner. They share a narrative quality with the work by Corin Sworn, who examines experimental philosophies of early childhood, particularly child-centered education.

Sydney Vermont’s figure studies are inspired by characters in French New Wave films, pages from Madame Bovary, and MySpace pages of local musicians. Ryan Taber’s elaborate historical dramas result from his research; for example, in recent drawings he merges tombs of the Roman Emperors with detailed examinations of misclassified species.

Laura Piasta constructs unusual geometric compositions reminiscent of Buckminster Fuller. In a more traditional drawing style, Haydex Li creates beautiful graphite renderings of suburban buildings that emphasize piles of demolition and construction, while Maxwell Simmer uses traditional watercolour techniques for his rambling still-life studies of objects selected from found photographs.


Mia Johnson

 Wed, Jun 6, 2007