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Jack McLean: Black Line Glamour

Elissa Cristall Gallery
Vancouver BC – Aug 18-28,2007

Jack McLean - Big Drawing I [detail]

Jack McLean, Big Drawing I [detail] (2007) oil-based ink pen on canvas [Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC, Aug 18-28]

Jack McLean was born in Glasgow, Scotland and earned his BA at the Glasgow School of Art. In 1987, he travelled to Japan where he continues to work today. McLean creates pen and ink caricatures dense with symbols that employ strong narratives of subterfuge, crime, fraud and illusion.

Jack McLean - Untitled #1
Jack McLean, Untitled #1 (2007) ink on paper [Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC, Aug 18-28]

He works primarily on paper and canvas creating meticulously detailed depictions of scenes drawn from life and interwoven with fantasy. His drawings imitate the over-crowded living conditions in Japan and the strict use of space. Many are based on incidents in the trains, which are filled to capacity. He has also created several sculptural installations, including The Mircosculpture Involuntary Acquisitions Project where the artist placed sculptures at the Moma NYC, Tate London, MOCA L.A. and Tokyo’s Hara Museum. In Tokyo, he once buried Cellophane wrapped cast human limbs in public parks.

McLean recently showed his work at the Waiheke Community and Corner Gallery in New Zealand, Henie Onstad Art Centre in Oslo, the UN Gallery and A.R.T Gallery in Tokyo, and the Roebling Hall Gallery in New York. Black Line Glamour is his first exhibit in Canada. The exhibition follows the completion of a residency in Norway by invitation of the Norwegian Government where he began a set of mural-size manga drawings of Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt for “Ibsen 2006”


Mia Johnson

Jack McLean - Untitled #2
Jack McLean, Untitled #2 (2007) ink on paper [Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC, Aug 18-28]

 Thu, Jun 7, 2007