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The Pacifist Potential

Blackfish Gallery:
Portland OR – Jun 5-30, 2007

Sharon Bronzan - Vestido De Paz

Sharon Bronzan, Vestido De Paz (2007), gouache, acrylic [Blackfish Gallery, Portland OR, Jun 5-30]

The Pacifist Potential provides an opportunity for local and international artists to convey messages of social change that address political unrest and violent injustice. Subjects include the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; escalating tensions between Israel, Palestine and Lebanon; conflict in other parts of the Middle East; looming strife with Iran and North Korea; and political turmoil in the United States.

The Pacifist Potential artists respond humanely and respectfully to these issues. They share a common goal toward nonviolence while expressing different attitudes and using a range of techniques. For example, Stephen Leflar and Mary Real use graphic imagery from news clippings in Peace March, while Sharon Bronzan uses the symbolic white dove in her Vestido de Paz (Dress of Peace). Andrea Benson's Listener illustrates the immense patience needed to resolve such tumultuous situations.

Ursula Salemink Roos - Coastal Impression XII
Andrea Benson, Listener (2007), encaustic on wood panel, mixed media [Blackfish Gallery, Portland OR, Jun 5-30]

Special events hosted at Blackfish Gallery include two installations in windows, performances and a documentary film screening about military families who have joined the peace movement. To further expand dialogue on these subjects, numerous panel discussions with actors, writers, historians, clergy, politicians, veterans, counselors, and journalists are planned. The exhibit will be documented in a catalogue with essays by lecturers and panelists, and will travel to the Newport Art Center in Newport, Oregon.


Allyn Cantor

Nurmi Husa - 05.04.2007
Nurmi Husa, 05.04.2007 (2007), digital archival print, mixed media [Blackfish Gallery, Portland OR, Jun 5-30]

Mary Real and Stephen Leflar - Peace March
Mary Real and Stephen Leflar, Peace March (2007), mixed media [Blackfish Gallery, Portland OR, Jun 5-30]

 Sun, Sep 2, 2007