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Peng Liu: Solids: Bound

Jacana Contemporary Art
Vancouver BC – Aug 11-25, 2007

Peng Lui in studio

Peng Liu in studio [JACANA Contemporary Art, Vancouver BC, Aug 11-25]

Beijing artist Peng Liu moved to Canada in 2000 and opened the JACANA Gallery. His background includes painting, performances, cinematic work and a Diploma in Film Direction from the Beijing Film Institute, as well as four years at the Heilongjiang Fine Arts Institute. JACANA Contemporary Art represents a variety of Canadian and international artists with special attention to contemporary Asian art. JACANA's mandate is to recognize the rapidly developing currents in Asian fine art and their influence on Canadian culture and society. The gallery exhibits a mix of modern landscape, abstract and realist work.

Solids:Bound is an exhibition of work by Peng Liu with two components: an installation and paintings using ropes on canvas. For the installation, Liu employs ropes to suspend Chinese furniture in the air, an act that moves them from the functional to the merely decorative and curious. Liu describes the installation as a metaphor for his ties to Chinese culture and his simultaneous sense of displacement as an immigrant in the West.

The paintings result from an elaborate crafts procedure using ropes of different colours, textures, diameters and lengths. After joining side-by-side canvasses with piles of colourful ropes and a mixture of glue and oil pigments, he allows the surfaces to dry before cutting them apart again. As he puts it, “Part of me struggles to sever the bonds confining me, while another part of me works continually to forge new ones.”


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Sep 2, 2007