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Rick Araluce: The Stolen Hours

William Traver Gallery
Seattle WA – Jul 6-29, 2007

Rick Araluce - The Disaster

Rick Araluce, The Disaster (2007), mixed media [William Traver Gallery, Seattle WA, Jul 6-29]

Rick Araluce, The Disaster [detail] (2007), mixed media [William Traver Gallery, Seattle WA, Jul 6-29]

Rick Araluce - The Disaster [detail]

Rick Araluce is a Seattle-based artist known for miniature mixed-media constructions that realistically capture every detail of "lost" archaic places. For The Stolen Hours, Araluce is constructing an engrossing life-size rendition of what he usually creates on a miniature scale. Rather than using found parts, he built or made everything in the installation, including the linoleum. Araluce is also showing several meticulous small pieces, some of which have direct references to the larger environment. The installation itself promises to be as dark and haunting as previous work.

Araluce's settings are poetic but ominous. Implied tragedies and other narratives are generated by the stained surface of a wall, cracked brick facades, old floor boards and other decaying scenarios. The scenes seem frozen in time, leaving uneasy traces as evidence for scrutiny.

Rick Araluce - The Failure [detail]
Rick Araluce, The Failure [detail] (2007), mixed media [William Traver Gallery, Seattle WA, Jul 6-29]

Araluce is a scenic designer for the Seattle Opera. He received a City Artist Projects Grant from the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs to create this impressive site-specific work. He writes: “There will be no sheet of glass to prevent you from entering my world. Gallery visitors will inhabit this space and be able to turn doorknobs and peer through grimy windows as a voyeur to the understated narrative.”


Allyn Cantor

 Wed, Jun 6, 2007