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Jordan Broadworth: Paintings

NewZones Gallery
Calgary AB – May 10-June 28, 2008

Jordan Broadworth - Resist

Jordan Broadworth, Resist (2007), oil on canvas [NewZones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary AB, May 10-Jun 28]

As part of the New Abstraction movement in Canada, Toronto painter Jordan Broadworth seeks to make images that are simultaneously procedural and idiosyncratic. His new solo exhibition is described as "paying homage to painting's glorious past" with "sumptuous" and "seductive" images. Their lushness and their painterly appeal are tempered by Broadworth's deliberate and controlled interpretations of abstract art.

Art critic Gary Michael Dault of the Globe and Mail wrote: "Toronto-based painter Jordan Broadworth makes exquisite paintings that hover between being rather lofty embodiments of their own sophisticated, procedural agendas, and providing a kind of lush, downhome hedonism." The opulent, open networks of diagrammatic coils are interspersed with firm, hard-edged geometrics that systematize the gestural lines and squeegee drips.

The works pay homage to the history of abstract art through the linking and reinterpretation of such established codes. They also have that light-hearted and slightly playful look historically associated with Alberta artists – a look that relies on good drawing skills at its foundation and a distinctive graphic appeal on the surface.

Broadworth, who is also a curator, writer, and teacher, was born in Esquesing, Ontario in 1968. He earned his BFA from NSCAD and subsequently his MFA from the University of Guelph in 1997. An upcoming travelling exhibition of his work entitled Turn will be shown in Moose Jaw from November 5, 2009- January 2, 2010 and in Medicine Hat from January 16- March 7, 2010.


Mia Johnson

 Sat, Jun 7, 2008