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Michael Dailey: Color, Light, Time and Place

Hallie Ford Museum of Art
Salem OR – June 7-August 31, 2008

Michael Dailey - California Coast

Michael Dailey, California Coast (1966), oil on canvas [Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem OR, Jun 7-Aug 31] Collection of the artist, Seattle

The work of Michael Dailey, a Seattle painter and distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Washington, is being acknowledged this summer in a survey of paintings and images on paper spanning 45 years. In the 1960s he painted in a style that resembled the energetic works of Willem de Kooning or Franz Kline. He applied oils heavily in bulkier forms and took an expressionistic approach to subjects like mountains and forests. In the 1970s, Dailey's landscapes became more refined and subdued as he developed the framework for his later work. He became known for large-scale abstractions that translate the landscape into radiant light and soft ethereal fields of graduated colour.

During his lengthy career, Dailey's paintings have become increasingly reduced to pure, sensuous spaces with a feeling of atmospheric depth. With colour and light as primary elements, a Rothko-like sense of luminosity is indicative of Dailey's mature style. Grounded in formal elements of geometry that frame the central open-air composition, the pervading tone or mood becomes the real subject of Dailey's work. He constructs his more generalized images through a methodical process of reworking painted hues. The resulting evocative realms are distinctive for their complexity of colour.

Michael Dailey's work has been widely exhibited over the last five decades. It is included in prominent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in NY, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, The Municipal Gallery of Modern Art in Dublin, Ireland, as well as at the Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland Art Museums. This exhibit includes a full colour monograph.


Allyn Cantor

Michael Dailey - \Twilight Landscape by the Sea

Michael Dailey, Twilight Landscape by the Sea (1989), mixed media on paper [Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem OR, Jun 7-Aug 31] ourtesy of the artist and Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle

Michael Dailey - Western Vanguard

Michael Dailey, Western Vanguard (2002), acrylic on canvas [Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem OR, Jun 7-Aug 31] Collection of the artist, Seattle

 Fri, Jun 6, 2008