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Marie-Josée Laframboise

Southern Alberta Art Gallery
Lethbridge AB – June 26-September 14, 2008

Marie-Josée Laframboise - Traversée provisoire (2004)

Marie-Josée Laframboise, Traversée provisoire (2004), site specific installation [Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge AB, Jun 26-Sep 14] IMAGE: PAUL LITHERLAND

Montreal artist Marie-Josée Laframboise fabricates soaring three-dimensional sculptures from everyday materials including paper, twine, plastic containers, string, netting, and plastic-coated wire.

Her massive site installations take the basics of sculpture – form, space and light – and restructures them. She uses every experiential aspect of the environment, including light filtering through the windows, as a sculptural material.

Laframboise is known for gorgeous, elevated expanses of coloured net fashioned into elaborate room-sized constructions. They look like capricious sails gone AWOL, scarcely pinned in place by taut fastenings, recalling the splendour of the Arabian Nights. Her dense organic net forms straddling pillars and walls conjure Edgar Allan Poe's notion of sentient vegetation. Her work has been described as “room-dominating puzzles” that visually challenge and guide visitors to an immediate appreciation of volumetric space and the body's place within the constructed environment.

Marie-Josée Laframboise has exhibited her work extensively across Quebec and Europe. She holds MFA degrees from Concordia University and the Glasgow School of Art. Her artworks are usually site-specific, addressing a particular architecture and utilizing available resources. In Points d'inflexion et de rebroussement 2, at Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Laframboise uses the surrounding topography of the city of Lethbridge as the inspiration for her installation. Incorporating her giant net and referring to her studies of regional maps, the installation will offer viewers an interpretation of the local landscape from a sculptor's point of view.


Mia Johnson

 Sat, Jun 7, 2008