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Masami Koda: Along With Flow

Traver Gallery
Seattle WA – Jun 5-28, 2009

Masami Koda, Still Life, detail (2009)

Masami Koda, Still Life, detail (2009) bronze, lamp worked glass, steel [Traver Gallery, Seattle WA, Jun 5-28]

Masami Koda, Still Life (2009)

Masami Koda, Still Life (2009) bronze, lamp worked glass, steel [Traver Gallery, Seattle WA, Jun 5-28]

Masami Koda, Trace (2009)

Masami Koda, Trace (2009), lamp-worked glass and steel [Traver Gallery, Seattle WA, Jun 5-28]

Masami Koda's sensitive combinations of lamp-worked glass, bronze and steel refer to motifs of growth and of frozen moments. In her newest pieces, the relationship between human beings and nature has become specific and personal. Koda combines metal forms with meticulous webs of clear glass that reflect the subtlety of soft falling rain.

The images induce a quiet state of mind that allows the viewer to become more aware of our place within the natural order. Through a macroscopic perspective, Koda emphasizes the eloquence of organic systems. In Trace, for example, liquified strands of glass funnel through a circular steel form and converge into a small droplet, as if to to capture the grace of falling water.

Masami Koda was born in Kobe, Japan and graduated from the Osaka University of Arts. The Seattle-based artist attended the Pilchuck Glass School and the Cleveland Institute of Art prior to earning an MFA from Alfred University, New York. In 2007, Koda was the recipient of an Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship Award. The grant allowed her to concentrate on increasing the scale of her delicate mixedmedia sculptures. The greater scale and detail have allowed for additional conceptual depth in her work.


Allyn Cantor

 Sat, Jun 6, 2009