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Gustavo Ramos Rivera: Invenciones de Sol

Elizabeth Leach Gallery
Portland, OR – Jun 4-27, 2009

Gustavo Ramos Rivera, Flor Ardiente

Gustavo Ramos Rivera, Flor Ardiente (Fiery Flower) (2006), oil on canvas [Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland OR, Jun 4-27]

Gustavo Ramos Rivera, Semana de Domingos

Gustavo Ramos Rivera, Semana de Domingos (Week of Sundays) (2006), oil on canvas [Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland OR, Jun 4-27]

Gustavo Ramos Rivera is known for brilliant, intensely coloured abstractions and personalized iconography. Born in Mexico, the self-taught painter has lived in San Francisco for over 30 years, where he creates paintings with a modernist sensibility. In his large-scale canvases, Ramos Rivera synthesizes simple and playful expressive mark-making with broad colour fields that remind us of Joan Miró, Paul Klee or Richard Diebenkorn.

His vivid palette recalls the culture of his Mexican heritage while giving his paintings an emotional vibrancy that is heightened by the distinct and fervent quality of his line. With a sensual palette combined with bold passionate shapes and resonating colour choices, Ramos Rivera balances the atmospheric and structural qualities of his compositions to create an individual visual language. This language is part of a his larger artistic continuum and is present in both his paintings and works on paper. He is also a master printmaker. Several of Ramos Rivera's monotypes and collages will be included in this exhibit.

Ramos Rivera's work has been exhibited in California at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Fresno Art Museum. He had his first major American retrospective at the San Jose Museum of Art, and is included in their permanent collection.


Allyn Cantor

 Sat, Jun 6, 2009