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Stone Soup: a progressive art installation

Vancouver BC
Lisa Birke and Sacha Yamashita – June 13-15, 2009
Christopher Donnelly and Weakhand – June 20-22, 2009
Rebecca Donald and Christian Nicolay – June 27-29, 2009

Stone Soup

Stone Soup is a three-weekend art exhibition guest-curated by Jennifer Mawby, director of Vantage Art Projects with Rachel Zottenberg, director of grace-gallery and co-produced by Sherri Kajiwara also of Vantage Art Projects, as part of Vantage's curatorial project, Recession Proof Thinking. Three separate stages are united by a common concept: two wall murals and an installation which will be developed in a sequential manner over a period of three weeks by three groups of two artists.

Materials for the artworks have been collected from donations prior to the inception of the project and contributed by each artist. In this manner, the course of the exhibition will come to resemble the folk parable of the "stone soup", where famished villagers are encouraged by a visiting stranger to contribute bits and pieces of vegetables to a communal soup for which a the stranger's small stone has been used as a starter.

During the first week of the exhibition, the initial team will create the foundation of the wall drawing. Each subsequent week, a different artist team adds to the wall drawing. Each team is asked to incorporate elements of the previous teams' work as the "flavour" of the artwork develops. A site-specific sculptural art installation utilizing donated or collected materials will also be reconfigured over the course of the exhibition.

In response to the current emphasis on economic hardship and downturn, the exhibition is intended as a model for socially interactive, sustainable, and fiscally responsible art production. After the exhibition, the elements will be collected to enable the artwork to be exhibited again in a different location. Anything not put to use will be recycled or donated. A book will also be produced to document the successive exhibit. The book which will be available for purchase at gracegallery and through Vantage Art Projects online: phone 604-839-5780 or visit the gallery website.


Mia Johnson

 Sat, Jun 6, 2009