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Will Gorlitz, Peking

Will Gorlitz, Peking (2008), oil on canvas [Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jul 2-Aug 14]

Sudden Frost

Elissa Cristall Gallery
Vancouver BC – July 2-Aug 14, 2010

Kevin Rogers, Qualify & Satisfy

Kevin Rogers, Qualify & Satisfy (2010), mixed media [Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jul 2-Aug 14]

For the third consecutive summer, Elissa Cristall Gallery is presenting an independently-curated exhibition. Toronto-based educator Pete Smith, who is also an artist with Elissa Cristall, earned his 2007 Master of Fine Arts at the University of Guelph. For this year’s exhibit, he has chosen the work of eight Ontario artists. Sudden Frost includes drawings, paintings, printmaking, sculpture and video by Michel Daigneault, Sky Glabush, Will Gorlitz and Patrick Mahon.

Michel Daigneault is a visual arts professor at York University who paints abstractions of organic shapes contrasted with architectural planes. His work is represented in many public collections including the National Gallery of Canada, Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec, Joliette Museum and the Canada Council Art Bank. Sky Glabush has a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta (2006) and now teaches at the University of Western Ontario. He is known for his quiet paintings of suburban houses in the region.

Will Gorlitz is a Professor of Studio Art at the University of Guelph. His unusual oil on canvas paintings of animals and the wilderness are semi-narrative and have been described as “strong and sensual.” Patrick Mahon, also at Western, has a two-fold interest in topologies and patterning, which he has explored through paintings, printing on Plexiglass and massive site works. His artwork has been exhibited in China and nationally at Museum London, the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and the Kamloops Art Gallery.


Mia Johnson

Patrick Mahon, Baker Lake House 4

Patrick Mahon, Baker Lake House 4 (2009), silkscreen on plexiglas [Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jul 2-Aug 14]

 Sun, Jun 6, 2010