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Paul Berndhart, Communication Breakdown

Paul Berndhart, Communication Breakdown (2009), oil on canvas [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, May 29-Aug 29]

Timeland: 2010 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art

Art Gallery of Alberta
Edmonton AB – May 29-Aug 29, 2010

Clint Wilson, 07-22-09

Clint Wilson, 07-22-09 (2009), video installation, 7:22 minute loop [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, May 29-Aug 29]

Kristin Ivey, Intestines

Kristin Ivey, Intestines (2008-present), upholstery and home interior fabrics, polyester fill [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, May 29-Aug 29]

Artists: Paul Bernhardt, Ken Buera, David Cantine, The Cedar Tavern Singers (AKA Les Phonoréalistes), Jason de Haan, The Einstein's Brain Project, Robert Geyer, Kristin Ivey, Kristopher Lindskoog, Wednesday Lupypciw, Walter May, Rita McKeough, Chris Millar, David M.C. Miller Ron Moppett, Lyndal Osborne, Scott Rogers, Danny Singer, Justin Waddell, John Will, Chris Willard, Clint Wilson.

A cross-generational mix of 25 artists, both emerging and established, was selected from 200 applicants for Timeland. Installed in the beautiful new Art Gallery of Alberta, the show examines the first 10 years of the 21st century, and spans the spectrum of contemporary art styles and themes. Curator Richard Rhodes, the editor of Canadian Art and founder of C Magazine, views this time as “a period where the achievements and securities of established modernism are challenged by the new globalism” with “an expanded consciousness of world views, histories and cultures.”

Timeland serves as a conceptual guide to the diversity of art in Alberta today. The Alberta landscape, “where space can be measured in geological, durational and cultural timeframes,” plays a strong role in many pieces. Many works acknowledge the realities of the 21st century “one-world” planet, where climate change, ecological issues and a global economic reversal of fortunes have contributed to a new ethos of uncertainty and humility for the western world.

The biennial exhibition occupies 6,000 square feet of the third floor gallery space. Artworks include paintings, prints, sculptures, photography and textiles as well as film, music, video, performance and installations.


Mia Johnson

Rita McKeough, Wilderment

Rita McKeough, Wilderment (2010), mixed media installation [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, May 29-Aug 29]

Justin Waddell, Untitled

Justin Waddell, Untitled (2007), photograph mounted on aluminium [Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, May 29-Aug 29]

 Sun, Jun 6, 2010