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Scott Evans (Evans Honda McKenzie collective), Boreal Growths & Other Disturbances

Scott Evans (Evans Honda McKenzie collective), Boreal Growths & Other Disturbances, detail (2010), mixed media [Open Space Gallery, Victoria BC, Jun 10-Jul 28] Installation: Odd Gallery, Dawson City, Yukon, 2010


Open Space Gallery
Victoria BC – Jun 10-Jul 28, 2011

Rachael Evans, Deer Bed Research (2007)

Rachael Evans, Deer Bed Research (2007), performance [Open Space Gallery, Victoria BC, Jun 10-Jul 28]

A series of unique projects by six artists – Kyath Battie, Rachel Evans, Scott Evans, Robert Hengeveld, Marlene Jess and Xane St. Phillip – working with ecological themes, Greenw∞sh asks us to reflect upon our relationship with community ecosystems and to consider “the terrain of ideas about our relationship to the natural world: the interior-ecosystems that form the templates of behaviour, action, habit and change.” The artists, who practise in Victoria and Toronto, also seek to challenge gallery behaviours.

The projects provide a unique viewpoint on activities often taken for granted in the urban biome. Marlene Jess, for example, questions our growing dependence on bottled water in cities where water is fresh and plentiful. Her project maps sources of free water fountains in downtown Victoria. Xane St. Phillip envisions a Living Wall on the facade of 510 Fort Street; the garden as a vertical art form connects architecture, environment and biology in new ways. Meanwhile, Toronto site-installation artist Robert Hengeveld is growing Kentucky Bluegrass as a commentary on our need to control and shape natural environments around us, particularly the “ideal” lawn.

Kyath Battie has captured a still from the video game Silent Hill 2 in a commentary on the ‘supernatural’ experience of BC’s Pacific West Coast. Rachel Evans uses performance art, sculpture and installation to investigate the habitats and behaviours of mammals and birds. Her Prove it like a Penguin performances encourage participants to imagine the survival strategies of other species. And throughout the summer, Scott Evans, artist-in-residence at the Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre, will develop a temporary art/ecology installation that mimics the natural growth and decay of an ecosystem.

Mia Johnson

Robert Hengeveld, Kentucky Perfect (2010)

Robert Hengeveld, Kentucky Perfect (2010), metal, electrical components, lighting augmented with soil, water, nutrients [Open Space Gallery, Victoria BC, Jun 10-Jul 28]

 Mon, Jun 6, 2011