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Gary Hill, Withershins

Gary Hill, Withershins (1995), floor maze constructed from 2x4 aluminum rectangular tubing, pressure-sensitive switch mats, two video projectors, four speakers, carpet, two computers with multi-channel interface and sound cards and controlling software written in DOS, two computer-controlled quad audio panners, two-channel synchronizer, two laserdisc players and two laserdiscs (colour; mono sound) [Henry Art Gallery, Seattle WA, Mar 31-Sep 16] Courtesy the artist and Donald Young Gallery, Chicago / Photo: Gary McKinnis

Gary Hill: glossodelic attractors

Henry Art Gallery
Seattle WA – Mar 31-Sep 16, 2012

The glossodelic attractors exhibition is a broad survey of Gary Hill’s artwork from the last three decades. The internationally recognized Seattle sound and video artist creates immersive installations that skew perception through multi-sensory experiences. Hill, a pioneer of video art since 1973, is influenced by conceptual art of the era. His themes make connections between language and the body, image and identity. The pieces are experiential and engaging, offering simultaneous visual and auditory elements that work to re-orientate the mind in a sometimes-psychedelic manner.

The show is grounded by two major installations, Withershins from 1995 and the 2011 The Psychedelic Gedankenexperiment. Many other pieces will be shown on a rotating basis. Withershins is a floor maze that invites visitors to walk inside and trigger voices that speak small phrases like fragments of consciousness. The male and female voices have video counterparts on the walls that are obscure and without strong identities. The Psychedelic Gedankenexperiment is like a performance piece with Hill presenting a quasi-intellectual lecture on two huge monitors, and where one screen plays forward and the other backwards.


Allyn Cantor

Gary Hill, Beauty Is in the Eye

Gary Hill, Beauty Is in the Eye (2011), HD LCD monitor, two amplified speakers, two giclée prints, stereo viewer (aluminum and wedge prisms), and media player (colour; stereo sound) [Henry Art Gallery, Seattle WA, Mar 31-Sep 16] Courtesy the artist and Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels 

Gary Hill, Remarks On Color

Gary Hill, Remarks On Color (1994), video projector, two speakers, one DVD player and one DVD (color; stereo sound) [Henry Art Gallery, Seattle WA, Mar 31-Sep 16] Courtesy the artist / Photo: Gary Hill

 Wed, Jun 20, 2012