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Brent Comber, Nine Sentinels

Brent Comber, Nine Sentinels (2011), maple [VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC, Jun 20-Sep 30]

Touch Wood

VanDusen Botanical Garden
Vancouver BC –  Jun 20-Sep 30, 2013

Brent Comber, Shattered Sphere

Brent Comber, Shattered Sphere (2009), red cedar [VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC, Jun 20-Sep 30]

Peter Pierobon, Plant Deconstruction

Peter Pierobon, Plant Deconstruction (2011), aluminum, yellow cedar [VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC, Jun 20-Sep 30]

Touch Wood is a collaborative project between VanDusen Botanical Garden and Salt Spring Island’s Duthie Gallery. Involving more than 30 outdoor sculptures by 14 West Coast artists, the installations take advantage of the winding layout of the garden paths, lush groves and ponds. The work is curated by Celia Duthie and Nicholas Hunt of Duthie Gallery. While the exhibit officially ends in September, several of the largest pieces will be on location for up to two years, with new pieces added in 2014.

Much of the artwork uses salvaged, recycled or scavenged wood, in keeping with the garden’s environmental mandate and its practice of preserving collections of rare and endangered trees. Created by artists living and working on the west coast, the work also celebrates the spirit of British Columbia with its abundance of wood.

Feature pieces include North Vancouver artist Brent Comber’s massive Sentinels; monumental cedar totems by Denman Island artist Michael Dennis; and a 40-foot woven willow canopy by Hornby Island sculptor Alastair Heseltine. Delightful details include a cluster of songbird houses by Nathan Lee and Trevor Coghill, a 10-foot bench by Peter Pierobon, and Paul Burke’s milk-stained carved salmon and ravens. The artworks are simultaneously accessible to the public and uniquely exhibited, thanks to the Duthies’ keen eye for presenting art outdoors in unexpected ways.

Mia Johnson

Michael Dennis, Council of Elders

Michael Dennis, Council of Elders (2013), red cedar [VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver BC, Jun 20-Sep 30]

 Wed, Jun 5, 2013