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Nicholas Nyland, Drip Vase

Nicholas Nyland, Drip Vase (2014), glazed ceramic [Whatcom Museum, Bellingham WA, May 31-Sep 6]

Bellingham National 2015 Art Exhibition and Awards

Whatcom Museum
Bellingham WA – May 31-Sep 6, 2015

With top awards of $2,000, $1,000 and $500, the new Bellingham National 2015 Exhibition attracted more than 600 entries from 11 states, including New York, California and Kentucky. Hotshot Seattle curator Scott Lawrimore, now at the University of Washington’s Jacob Lawrence Gallery, winnowed them down to 65 artists, including two couples. The top avant-garde art dealer in Seattle until his Lawrimore Project closed, Lawrimore notes that there is a “strong undercurrent of social justice, gender identity . . . and other political issues running throughout.”

With his sensitivity to design and architecture, Lawrimore is sure to have chosen artists who can relate to the magnificent Olson Sundberg-designed Lightcatcher building. Among artists to watch for is Yuki Nakamura of Tacoma, who is building a special installation of suspended porcelain, paper and Mylar with eerie digital projections.

On August 7, the museum opens until 10 pm At that time, the People’s Choice Award of $500 will be announced, along with the bigger money awards.

Matthew Kangas

Andrew Keating, still image from the film Corazón Salvaje

Andrew Keating, still image from the film Corazón Salvaje (2014), [Whatcom Museum, Bellingham WA, May 31-Sep 6]

 Mon, Jun 8, 2015