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Eva Diener: New Paintings

Evergreen Cultural Centre
Coquitlam BC thru Oct 2, 2005

Eva Diener - Fields of Ashes #1
Eva Diener, Fields of Ashes #1 (2003), acrylic on canvas [Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam BC, through Oct 2]

For forty years, Swiss-born British Columbia artist Eva Diener has produced acrylic paintings so massive that she often uses a ladder to access the upper regions. Replete with free-flowing imagery associated with existence on this planet – ecological, environmental and survivalist – the energetic canvases are epic in nature.

A new series of work at the Evergreen Cultural Centre addresses the human condition with frightening images of apocalyptic and wraith-like figures in suspended hordes. They emanate from dark backgrounds slashed diagonally with high-key colours. With titles like Toxic and Field of Ashes, the images seek to address the human condition. Other paintings portray a single fish to represent the fragility of the environmental ecosystem. Accompanying the exhibition is a video produced in Switzerland by Hilde Röthlisberger that shows Diener's vigorous, gestural painting style.

Eva Diener has shown extensively in Alberta, Australia and Switzerland, where her expressionist style has earned critical acclaim. She currently works from her studio in Sechelt B.C. “In this exhibition”, writes the publicist, “[Diener] invites the viewer to consider how the relationship between human and nature is essential to the well-being of all creatures and ultimately to the survival of the planet”


Mia Johnson

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