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Famous Empty Sky:
The Nnots

Sunshine Coast Arts Centre
Sechelt BC Sep 28-Oct 30, 2005

Famous Empty Sky - Eternal
Famous Empty Sky, Eternal (2005), mixed media [Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, Sechelt BC, Sept 28-Oct 30]

An amazing 60 works of knotted paper by an artist known as Famous Empty Sky are pure visual sensations of sensuality and formalism. Secretive, taut and elaborate, the ethereal Nnots are created from fine strands of handmade papers woven into elegant designs.

On closer inspection, the mixed-media pieces contain elements of drawing, printing, collage, photography and painting that attest to the artist’s skill with numerous forms of artmaking. In reference to the Nnots, which she began in 2003, she quotes Stephen Sommers: “Only the Journey is written, not the Destination”. She describes herself as being at their mercy: “It is glorious and hard, the most demanding work I’ve ever done”. The results are innocent and waiflike while simultaneously totemic and ghostly, taking on a life force of their own.

Famous Empty Sky - Blue Buddha
Famous Empty Sky, Blue Buddha (2005)

Famous Empty Sky was born in Manhattan and attended New York University and the New School for Social Research. She lived on-and-off in San Francisco for 20 years before moving to Vancouver in 1992. Empty Sky is active in the Commercial Drive area as an artist, educator, community project leader and most recently as a filmmaker. Her artwork and community projects have been shown at the Doctor Vigari Gallery, Havana Gallery and the Britannia Community Centre, as well as at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre and in the United States.

Mia Johnson

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