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Enn Erisalu: Works from 1975-1988
and 1999-2003

Atelier Gallery
Vancouver BC Sep 15-Oct 8 and Jan 2006

Enn Erisalu - Untitled
Enn Erisalu, Untitled (1986-87), oil on canvas [Atelier Gallery, Vancouver BC, Sept 15-Oct 8 and Jan 2006]

In a two-part exhibition, the Atelier Gallery presents the work of the late Vancouver artist Enn Erisalu. During his career, Erisalu explored notions of abstraction in a quiet, restrained and minimalist manner. The majority of his paintings challenged the picture plane and created illusions of depth through the use of primitive geometric forms – cubes, spheres, cones, wedges, planes and cylinders. 

Erisalu’s elegant and refined work has been critically acclaimed for its intensity and for dialogue between the second and third dimensions of pictorial space. In 1980 he wrote, “I want to develop the mercurial quality of colour on a neutral gray field and further investigate shape working against shape”. This investigation led him through numerous series of paintings dealing with problems of visual logic, perspective, modelling and what he described as “fractured and ambiguous readings of image to ground to picture plane”. His sophisticated treatment of colour and atmosphere lends the forms an other-worldly sensibility that transcends their simplicity.

Enn Erisalu was born in Estonia and studied art in Florence, London, the University of Oregon and at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, where he earned a BFA and BPA.


Mia Johnson

 Mon, Sep 26, 2005