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Beyond Redemption
Gay Erotic Art

Belkin Satellite Gallery
Vancouver BC Oct 29-Nov 27, 2005

Felix Gonzales-Torres - Untitled [Go-Go Dancing Platform]
Felix Gonzales-Torres, Untitled [Go-Go Dancing Platform] (1991), wood, lightbulbs, wire, acrylic paint [Belkin Satellite Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 29-Nov 27]

Curated by Jean-François Renaud and featuring the work of Stephen Andrews, AA Bronson, Brice Canyon, Evergon, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Attila Richard Lukacs and Donald Moffet, Beyond Redemption presents overtly gay erotic art. All works, including drawings, collages, photographs, sculpture, computer-based works as well as animations – have explicit homoerotic content focusing on genitalia, homoerotic acts, bondage, degradation, titillation and the politics of sexual power.

The exhibition is particularly contentious in light of current debates on homosexual marriage. It raises thorny issues dealing with difficult areas of censorship, freedom of expression, artistic merit, gay identity and social mores, the interface of art and pornography and the collision of AIDS and community. Above all, the exhibit seeks to challenge the heritage of art historical scholarship and the natural inclination of viewers to frame gay art in formal and stylistic art terms rather than engage with the emotional and psychological impact of raw erotic imagery.

An opening reception will be held Oct. 28 at 8pm. The exhibition is supported by the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery and by the Alvin Balkind Fund for Student Curatorial Initiatives and the Department of Visual Art, Art History and Theory at the University of British Columbia.


Mia Johnson

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