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Neighbourhood: Video Works

Centre A (Vancouver International Centre
for Contemporary Asian Art)
Vancouver BC Sep 10-Oct 15, 2005

Centre A, new location, 23 West Pender Street, historic photograph
Centre A, new location, 23 West Pender Street, historic photograph [Centre A, “Neighbourhood: Video Works”, inaugural exhibition, Vancouver BC, Sept 10-Oct 15]

The inaugural event for Centre A’s new downtown location, Neighbourhood asks, “What do neighbourhoods mean today?” Videotapes, video-based artwork, documentaries and community-based projects by local Vancouver artists and the Desmedia Collective, explore communities in Vancouver’s Eastside, including the Downtown Eastside, Chinatown, Japantown, Africatown and Strathcona.

The show raises awareness of these little-known neighbourhoods established on Coast Salish land. It also features the controversial “Temporal Transmissions” video compilation that examines diverse histories of Kelowna, and a film screening of Comrade Dad about Karin Lee’s father and the communist bookstore he managed on Hastings Street.

Centre A, new location interior
Centre A, new location interior

Themes explored through the work include cultural representation, socio-economic dimensions, activism, advocacy and respect for difference. Among numerous other videos and projects, the Desmedia (Downtown Eastside Media) Collective presents stories of individuals living and working in these diverse communities. Lynda Nakashima documents the annual Japanese-Canadian arts and culture festival at Oppenheimer Park, while Andrea Fatona and Cornelia Wyngaarden survey the history of Vancouver’s Black community.

Curated by Alice Ming Wai Jim, Neighbourhood is a co-presentation by Centre A, Alternator Gallery and the Chinese-Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia in conjunction with SWARM 2005, in part with the support of Video Out and the Multicultural Canada Project and Simon Fraser University Library. Artists include Desmedia, Dana Claxton, Patrick Connelly, Andrea Fatona and Cornelia Wyngaarden, Randy Grskovic, Karin Lee, Michael Lithgow, Lynda Nakashima, Christian Nicolay, Portia Priegert, Jayce Salloum and Karen Tam.


Mia Johnson

 Mon, Sep 26, 2005