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Suzanne Northcott:
Crossing Boundary

Surrey Art Gallery
Surrey BC thru Oct 9, 2005

Suzanne Northcott - Crow Dreams 1
Suzanne Northcott, Crow Dreams 1 (2005), graphite on paper [Surrey Art Gallery BC, through Oct 9]

Every evening, an estimated 16,000 crows fly across Boundary Road from the city of Vancouver, where they spent their day foraging through garbage bins and fruit trees, to the city of Burnaby, where they share a gothic night roost deep in an alderwood grove. In her first video installation, Langley artist Suzanne Northcott captures this amazing event.

Crows have a legendary raw energy and eerie manner that lends itself well to Northcott’s project. The “unruly black ribbons” of their passing have a mythical presence she describes as “awesome otherness”. Northcott’s earlier work, which has combined words, poetry, still imagery and more recently sound and movement, similarly has a dark, elusive edge more reminiscent of dreams and drama than real life. Crossing Boundary includes her biological studies and drawings.

Northcott is a senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an award-winning artist. The video crew for Crossing Boundary included cinematographer Rudy Kovanic, video editor and post-production coordinator Laurie Long, and sound designer Jean Routier. Other advisors and contributors included poet Rishma Dunlop and biologist Rob Butler of the National Wildlife Service. Two free events are planned in conjunction with this exhibition: an artist talk and reception on Sept 22, 7:30pm and a talk on crows by naturalist Rob Butler on Oct 2, 2pm.


Mia Johnson

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