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Vancouver Sculpture Biennale:
Open Spaces 2005/06

Buschlen Mowatt Gallery
Vancouver BC thru Dec 2006

Dennis Oppenheim - Device to Root Out Evil
Dennis Oppenheim, Engagement Rings (2005), steel and glass [installed at Harbour Green, Coal Harbour, Vancouver BC, through Dec 2006]

In 1998, Barrie Mowatt, owner of Vancouver’s Buschlen Mowatt Gallery founded the Sculpture Project which developed an initiative with the Vancouver Parks Board called “Open Spaces.” The gallery offered to bring work by leading international sculptors to Vancouver and to situate the pieces in public settings where visitors and residents of Vancouver could enjoy artwork outside the gallery system in more appropriate contexts. The 1998 sculptures were installed along a one-mile stretch of English Bay for four months, complementing Vancouver’s renowned outdoor lifestyle.

Through enormous dedication and hard work over the ensuing years, Open Spaces has grown to include an 18-month installation of work by 20 artists this year. The 2005/6 Biennale boasts organized walking tours, educational activities and events, photo and video competitions, a gala awards ceremony and a series of five public lectures.

Ricardo Calero
Ricardo Calero

The sculptures will be placed strategically along walkways, in waterfront parks and other major public spaces where they will be accessible day and night. Using your cell phone, you will be able to learn about each sculpture as described by the artist or a celebrity personality, and to vote for the “People’s Choice” award.This year’s selection includes the work by sculptors from Canada, USA, England, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Poland and China among others, with pieces by many popular artists like Bill Reid, Dennis Oppenheim, Sol Lewit, Sorel Etrog, Sophie Ryder and Magdalena Abakanowicz. The Biennale officially launches in September with a series of unique unveiling ceremonies. For more information, visit:


Mia Johnson

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