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Ross Bollerup: Good Dog

Evergreen Cultural Centre
Coquitlam BC – Sept 14-Oct 21

Ross Bollerup, Catches

Ross Bollerup, Catches (2004), acrylic on canvas [Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam BC, Sept 14-Oct 21]

Vancouver-born artist Ross Bollerup uses a combination of acrylic paint and printmaking techniques to create colourful layered pictures. Over the years, Bollerup has developed a method of painting on glass then transferring images onto canvasses. Like a collage, one painting might consist of several transfers.

Good Dog features brightly coloured drawings of dogs engaged in various dog-like activities: running, jumping, chasing balls and catching frisbees. He writes, “The image of the dog, the hand and the ball became a metaphor of play for me. The ball is a vehicle of communication between us and our animal friends. The hand is the expression of care, friendship and human presence.” The exhibit also includes installation pieces made with sheets of glass.

Bollerup currently lives and works in Rosedale, BC. Best known for his studies of flowers and plants, his work has been exhibited at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Bau-Xi Gallery, Petley Jones Gallery, Surrey Art Gallery, Prince George Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.


Mia Johnson

 Wed, Sep 13, 2006