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Martin Brouillette: Healing

Elliott Louis Gallery
Vancouver BC – Sept 14-Oct 8

Martin Brouillette is a mixed media artist from Montreal currently showing a new series of paintings entitled Healing. Using as source material images of terrorism, global warming, AIDS and other contemporary horrors taken from magazine articles and books, he creates, destroys and heals his own work. The cathartic process helps Brouillette deal with his own fears and concerns, and he hopes to communicate messages of peace and healing to viewers.

Norman Lundin, Studio in Half-Light #2

Martin Brouillette, Untitled #101 (2006), mixed media on board [Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC, Sept 14-Oct 8]

Healing depicts ordinary people as angels, posed in moments of distress, anguish or pain, with suggestions of wings sketched behind them. The surfaces are partially distressed using scissors, sanding paper and other instruments to reveal layers of collage beneath the paint. The angel metaphor is intended to illustrate how challenging it is for people in the contemporary world to be strong and courageous. At the same time, Brouillette reminds us that we all have the potential “at the depth of oneself… to embrace a place where beauty and peace are present”. The artist completes each piece by pouring epoxy resin over the wounded paintings, giving them a smooth, glossy finish and “healing” the distressed surfaces. 

Brouillette studied visual arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal, where he now lives and works. This is his first solo exhibition at the Elliott Louis Gallery and his first on the West Coast. Low-key in colour and delicate in style, although not easy in content, his work has been exhibited at Montreal’s Gala Gallery since 2003. 


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Sep 3, 2006