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Fantastic Frameworks

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria,
Victoria BC – Oct 6-Dec 3

Fantastic Frameworks examines the human impulse to design, structure and create frameworks around our lives. The exhibition pushes beyond the boundaries of architecture and asks how we organize ourselves socially, temporally, geographically, psychologically, politically and sexually. Fantastic Frameworks also includes a montage of films that reveal artists and filmmakers’ conceptions of futuristic architecture and engineering.

Greg Lynn, Alessi Tea and Coffee Tower

Greg Lynn, Alessi Tea and Coffee Tower (2002) [Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria BC, Oct 6-Dec 3]

The exhibition features a wide range of alternative design proposals, including London Knees (1966), a plan for a public art work by Claes Oldenburg; clothing constructions by the contemporary American artist Andrea Zittel; night club interiors by Canadian photographer Brenda Pelkey; and social justice-informed design make-overs by Cuban artist, René Francisco.

Canadian artist Antonia Hirsch restructures national and geographic boundaries, while Victoria-based composer Christopher Butterfield explores measurements of time in a 12-hour musical composition.

Irish artist and 2005 Venice Biennale representative Katrina Moorhead creates miniature reconstructions of luxury hotel swimming pools. Paul Pfieffer's video work is based on digitally-altered TV shows of games and their participants. Visionary architectural renderings by the early 20th century American “outsider” artist A.G. Rizzoli propose elaborate and fantastical architectural buildings.

Greg Lynn, an American architect whose theoretical design practice revolutionized the use of the computer as a design tool, shows a computer-designed tea set, habitat and maquette. Other artists in the exhibit include Yayoi Kusama, Roland Brener, Fred Douglas, Hanne Darboven, Mariko Mori and the late Victoria-based architect John di Castri.


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Sep 3, 2006