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The Inside Game:
A selection from PDX art collections

Portland Art Center
Portland OR – Sept 7-Oct 1

Nick and Sheila Pye, The Lovers II (2004)

Nick and Sheila Pye, The Lovers II (2004), chromogenic print [fuji crystal archive paper] [Portland Art Center, Portland OR, Sept 7-Oct 1]

The Inside Game showcases artwork borrowed from the private collections of Portland’s current and former art dealers. Included are pieces from the collections of Elizabeth Leach, Rod Pulliam, Jeffrey Thomas (of the former Jamison/Thomas Gallery, who initiated the development of the Pearl District in the 1980s), Justin Oswald (owner of the former Gallery 500), and Joel Leib (owner of the former Ten in One Gallery, Chicago and New York), who is also the exhibition curator.

The majority of the artists practise outside Portland, with the exception of James Boulton and Chandra Bocci. Boulton's semi-abstract canvases balance tight patterns with layers of expressive strokes in bright pop hues. Bocci obsessively crafts sculptures and installations from recycled consumer packaging and kitsch objects.

South African artist William Kentridge, who creates charcoal drawings and stop-animation films about social injustice and apartheid, is one of the best-known people in the exhibit. Nick and Sheila Pye, a Montreal couple, stage themselves in films and photographs that examine intimacy, vulnerability and psychological roles in relationships.

Also noteworthy are the computer-generated and painted abstractions of New York-based artist Claire Corey; Toronto artist Nick Di Genova’s illustrations on sheets of layered mylar; laborious woven photomontages by Vietnamese-born Dinh Q. Le; and witty sculptural pieces by Seattle furniture maker Roy McMakin. Other artists are David Altmejd, Russell Crotty, Roe Ethridge, Harrell Fletcher, Harry Fritzius, Frank Magnotta, Lari Pittman, Rob Pruitt, Halsey Rodman, Will Rogan, TM Sisters, Dash Snow, and Pinar Yolacan.


Mia Johnson

 Sat, Sep 2, 2006