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Marion Scott at 30:
60 Masterpieces from the Canadian Arctic

Marion Scott Gallery
Vancouver BC – Oct 21-Nov 26

The Marion Scott Gallery is considered to be one of Canada’s top venues for the exhibition and sale of Inuit art from the Canadian North. In celebration of their 30th anniversary, this Vancouver gallery is featuring an array of sculptures, prints, drawings and wall hangings by some of the Arctic’s most renowned artists.

Luke Iksiktaaryuk

Luke Iksiktaaryuk (1909-1977), untitled [figure] (circa 1972), caribou antler [Marion Scott Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 21-Nov 26]

The gallery is, in fact, responsible for much of the renown earned by Inuit artists. Marion Scott was a pioneering art dealer of Inuit art in 1975 when she founded the gallery. Although it may not be what you would describe as a “true retrospective,” the exhibit brings together a selection of pieces that reflect the gallery’s work over the years, its particular strengths and areas of interests, and the artists it has championed.

Scott was instrumental in bringing contemporary northern art to critical attention at a time when it was relegated to “handicraft” status in department stores and museum gift shops. In the late 1980s, Scott’s daughter Judy Kardosh took over. Now co-directed by Kardosh and her son Robert, the gallery is today a widely recognized leader in the field of Inuit art.

The gallery has represented artists like Elizabeth Angrnaqquaq, Karoo Ashevak, Pitseolak Ashoona, Luke Iksiktaaryuk, Janet Kigusiuq, Victoria Mamnguqsualak, Jessie Oonark, John Pangnark, Jutai Toonoo and Oviloo Tunnillie, among many others.


Mia Johnson

 Sun, Sep 3, 2006