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Jennet Thomas and Paul Tarragó:
We Make Our Own Television From the Antimatter Underground Film Festival

Deluge Contemporary Art
Victoria BC – Sept 22-Oct 21

Jennet Thomas, Because of the War

Jennet Thomas, Because of the War (2006), installation [Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria BC, Sept 22-Oct 21]

The quirky exhibition entitled We Make Our Own Television consists of two installations: Because of The War by Jennet Thomas and The Badger Series by Paul Tarragó. Described as “projected moving image works”, they are presented with the support of the British Council of the Arts, the University of the Arts London, and the British Artist's Film and Video Study Collective at Central St. Martins College of Art.

Because of the War is a single screen installation. In a Neo-Absurdist presentation, a dapper man in yellow describes “how it all came to be” while standing in front of a slide show running a mix of war and advertising images. Thomas’ satire, which feels like a weird broadcast from the '50s, takes its stylistic cues from early documentary television with its equal parts of moral instruction and narrative play.

The Badger Series consists of four episodes of a simulated television show with a throng of stuffed animals and Tarragó as a “kindly uncle mentor”. Together with his capricious woodland creatures, he explores contemporary themes of depression, mortality, altered states of consciousness and transgressive art practices.

Film Screenings are at Open Space Gallery, 510 Fort St. Pick up a program guide or visit the Antimatter website for a schedule.

Thomas has been screening and touring film, video and installation work on the international experimental media festival circuit for the past nine years. Tarragó, a prolific film and video maker for twelve years, has independently curated a number of film programs for festivals and galleries in Europe and North America. Both artists are members of Exploding Cinema, an artist-run collective in London, England dedicated to originating alternative methods of exhibition. We Make Our Own Television opens the ninth annual Antimatter Underground Film Festival in Victoria, British Columbia. 

Mia Johnson

 Sun, Sep 3, 2006