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Model Suite

Vikky Alexander, Overview from the Model Suite Series (2005) transmounted Ektacolor print

Vikky Alexander: Lost Horizons

Trepanier Baer Gallery
Calgary AB – Sept 11–Oct 11, 2008

Alexander - Chair

Vikky Alexander, Untitled Chair (2001) Mirror

Chris Millar Heads I Made (3)

Vikky Alexander, Baja Landscape Reflected (2008), digital print on aluminum, edition 2 of 3 [TrépanierBaer, Calgary AB, Sep 11-Oct 11]

Vikky Alexander, Punta Gorda Reflected (Zacatitos 1) (2008), digital print on aluminum, edition 2 of 3[TrépanierBaer, Calgary AB, Sep 11-Oct 11]

“The world is no longer informed by direct experiencebut through two-dimensional media presentations in the form of billboards, televisions, newspapers and magazines. I use these forms of information as if they are the only resources available.”

Vikky Alexander is a photographer and sculptor who lives and works in Vancouver. She has been an Associate Professor of Photography at the University of Victoria since 1998. Her archival ink prints on canvas, installations and photographs explore relationships between art, architecture, and nature, with a focus on how nature is experienced in a post-modern, consumer society. For her finely-crafted pieces, she has made use of such mass-produced decorator materials as plywood veneers, MacTac, Formica, mirrors and wallpaper murals of landscapes.

Alexander was born in Victoria, British Columbia and graduated with a BFA in 1979 from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her work is included in numerous public collections across Canada.

Since first showing with TrépanierBaer Gallery in 1993, Alexander has investigated notions of domestic utopia, modern buildings and artificial environments through juxtapositions of manufactured products with appropriated photographic images of exotic, unspoiled landscapes.

The current series of digital prints on aluminum further questions our desire to re-construct and mass-produce images of “the natural” in our environments. A 22-page limited edition book of holograms and photographs entitled Grotto Star will also be shown at the exhibit.


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Sep 5, 2008