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Tabulars in Hope Bay, Antarctica

David Burdeny, Tabulars in Hope Bay, Antarctica (2007), colour photograph on aluminum mount [Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver BC, Sep 11-Oct 5]

David Burdeny: North|South

Jennifer Kostiuk Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Sept 11–Oct 5, 2008

David Burdeny is a Winnipeg-born photographer with a fascination for oceans. In his fifth exhibit of work at the Jennifer Kostuik Gallery he presents austerely-reduced, almost surreal images of icebergs and foggy skies off the shores of Greenland and Antarctica. Coastal glaciers, ice shelves and massive tabular icebergs – pinnacled, flat-topped or pyramidal – rise starkly from the dark waters and skies of his dramatic panoramas. They are massive, frosty and starkly beautiful.

Burdeny earned a Master of Architecture in 1998 at the University of Manitoba. He has been the recipient of numerous International Photography Awards, including a first, second and third place, and in 2005 was named Non-Professional Nature Photographer of the Year. In 2004 and in 2005 he also received an Award of Excellence from Communication Arts Photo Annual Competition, and has several International B+W Spider Awards to his credit.

Burdeny shoots with a Hasselblad medium format camera and an 80mm lens, and a 38mm Hasselblad SWC/M. He frequently uses black and white, silver-based 120 roll film developed by hand in small reel tanks. The archival prints in North|South were done on Fuji Crystal Archive Photo Paper using a Cymbolic Sciences Lightjet 5000 printer. Of his minimalist compositions he writes, “The glory lies not in the act of clarification or reduction, but in the experience of what is left – sublime experience....”


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Sep 5, 2008