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Torrie Groening: A Maximalist for Dinner

Burnaby Art Gallery
Burnaby BC – Sept 9–26, 2008

Torrie Groening, Amuse Bouche or The Audition, digital collage, edition of 15 mounted on aluminum 2006, 35.5" x 78.5" [Burnaby Art Gallery, Sept 9-26]

Torrie Groening, San Francouver, Spring

Torrie Groening, San Francouver, Spring, digital collage, edition of 15 mounted on aluminum, 2008, 42” x 83.25 [Burnaby Art Gallery, Sept 9-26]

Torrie Groening, Museum of the Senses

Torrie Groening, Museum of the Senses for an Artist (touch) (2007), digital collage, edition of 15, mounted on aluminum [Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby BC, Sep 9-Oct 26]

A Maximalist for Dinner is a collection of nine photo-based, digitally-collaged artworks by San Francisco artist Torrie Groening. The fanciful, complex images conjure up a fascinating and exuberant “museum of the five senses” (which is also the title of one work).

Drawing from her collection of props, treasures, prints and artist materials, Groening has created richly coloured and conceptually intriguing visual images reminiscent of 16th century allegorical painting: an explosive cacophony of visual and auditory information.

Groening is a traditional printmaker of monotypes and lithographs, and a former instructor at ECIAD and the University of Victoria. After staging the compositions, she captured them with a large format camera and then altered and added to them on the computer.

She approaches the photographs like a printmaker, creating multiple layers and exploring the interrelationships of colours and textures as well as the negative shapes and patterns of shadows. The final versions were printed with UltraChrome ink on rag paper and mounted on aluminum, then coated with a protective UV print shield.

Sunday, Sept 21
Limited seating.
Call 604-297-4422
to reserve a place


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Sep 5, 2008