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Sandow Birk: The Depravities of War

Simon Fraser University Gallery
Burnaby BC – Sep 12-Oct 24, 2009

Sandow Birk, The Depravities of War: Degradation

Sandow Birk, The Depravities of War: Degradation, woodcut on Sekishu paper [Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby BC, Sep 12-Oct 24]

The Depravities of War is a series of 15 monumental woodcuts depicting scenes from the US war in Iraq. California artist Sandow Birk worked from television and Internet news reports during the US-led invasion to create the 4 x 8 foot prints. The images portray recruiting scenes, training camps, the invasion, incarceration and Senate investigation hearings.

Sandow Birk, The Depravities of War: Invasion

Sandow Birk, The Depravities of War: Invasion, woodcut on Sekishu paper [Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby BC, Sep 12-Oct 24]

Birk's immense undertaking was inspired by Jacques Callot's series of etchings The Miseries of War in the 17th century, which in turn were the inspiration for Goya's Disasters of War in the 19th century. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue published by HuiPress, Hawaii.

A graduate of Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles, Birk is represented by Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco and Koplin Del Rio Gallery in Culver City. He has an extensive history of national and international exhibitions and has received many prestigious grants and awards. Five books have been published on Birk's art and he has made two films. With an emphasis on contemporary American social issues, his themes have included inner city violence, graffiti, political issues, travel, incarceration, surfing and skateboarding, and a recent series on death in America and the war in Iraq.


Saturday, September 12, 2pm
Simon Fraser University Burnaby Campus

Sandow Birk was a recipient of an NEA International Travel Grant to Mexico City in 1995, a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1996, and a Fulbright Fellowship to Rio de Janeiro in 1997. In 1999 he was awarded a Getty Fellowship for painting, followed by a City of Los Angeles (COLA) Fellowship in 2001. In 2007 he was awarded an Artist in Residence Fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C.


Mia Johnson

 Tue, Sep 8, 2009