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Duncan Regehr: Cypher and Helm

Petley Jones Gallery
Vancouver, BC – Oct 14-28, 2009

Duncan Regehr, Her Perfect Continuum

Duncan Regehr, Her Perfect Continuum (2009), oil on panel [Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 14-28]

Phoney Picasso

Duncan Regehr, wrought solely for the moment of his execution, oil on panel [Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 14-28]

Duncan Regehr, Helm series

Duncan Regehr, Helm series, wood, leather/jute, canvas and oil pigments [Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 14-28]

Duncan Regehr, the onward consequence

Duncan Regehr, the onward consequence, oil on panel [Petley Jones Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 14-28]

Duncan Regehr's Cypher images are brightly-coloured oil paintings of allegorical creatures that appear to be conjuring magic tricks or costuming themselves for the theatre. They continue his exploration into aspects of transformation, a theme he began working on in 2000 with his Corvus Rex images, and continued to develop through 2005 with his Chrysalid works. Each of these projects revolves around themes of gestation, birth and metamorphosis.

Regehr first exhibited his artwork in 1974 at the Stratford Festival, Ontario, and since that time has had numerous exhibitions in Canada, the USA, and Europe. In April and May 2009, he exhibited his Helm sculptures at the Winchester Gallery, Victoria and at Petley Jones, Vancouver – a series of blocky, Visigothic helmut-like heads with Cubist arrangements of variously stained wood sections. Slightly comical and definitely unusual, the heads allude to real or imaginary civilizations, histories and philosophies, some are alien-like or futuristic, others abstract or primitive-looking. He writes, "Whether they are portrayals of leaders, warrior-poets, philosophers, questing heroes or champions of fate and fortune, the Helm sculptures evolved as purely masculine icons. They are the victors, the valiant and the vanquished".

Duncan Regehr was born in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1952 and raised in Victoria, BC. Since the 1980s, the Canadian actor and artist has played an assortment of villains, princes, gladiators and futuristic roles on television. Regehr may best be remembered as The New World Zorro in an early 1990s television series, in which he played the Zorro character for 88 episodes between 1990 to 1993. In 2008, Regehr was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria, BC.


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Sep 4, 2009