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Bruce Pashak, 112263

Bruce Pashak, 112263, mixed media on canvas [Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 5-Nov 3]

Bruce Pashak: justiFYD: Art Crimes in America

Elliott Louis Gallery
Vancouver BC – Oct 5-Nov 3, 2010

Bruce Pashak, justiFYD

Bruce Pashak, justiFYD, collage, acrylic and oil on canvas [Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 5-Nov 3]

Bruce Pashak, Kokura

Bruce Pashak, Kokura (2010), mixed media on board [Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC, Oct 5-Nov 3]

Bruce Pashak is a Canadian artist living in Vancouver. His work ranging in style from painterly collages to finely rendered graphite drawings overlaid with pastiches of paint, has a sophisticated, graphic presence.

After earning a Master of Fine Arts at The University of Calgary (1991) with a thesis titled The Dialogical Art Form: Mutual Annexations, Pashak has continued to explore concepts of epistemology and semantics, race, male sexuality and gender through his artwork with exhibits at the Paul Kuhn Gallery in Calgary and at the Snap Gallery and Third Avenue Gallery in Vancouver. Obviously a skilled draftsman, Pashak seeks to imbue his paintings and drawings with additional theoretic justification, claiming that drawing can be an effective voice for the communication of relevant social criticism, art theory and philosophy.

justiFYD: Art Crimes in America combines graffiti with studio painting. Pashak collaborated with graffiti artists, who spraybombed his artwork, in order to produce what he describes as a hybrid art form – one that combines the work of two parties as well as different intentions. The “vandalized” paintings seek to question the gallery’s role in determining their value, the appropriation of art images (both his and theirs), the authorship of the works, and the criteria that determines ownership.

Mia Johnson

 Sun, Sep 5, 2010