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Weaving Heritage:
Textile Masterpieces from the Burke Collection

Burke Museum Of Natural History And Culture
Seattle WA – Oct 2, 2010-Feb 27, 2011

Monk’s robe from Tibet

Monk’s robe from Tibet (1964), wool and silk [Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Seattle WA, Oct 2-Feb 27]

Textile masterpieces from North and South America, Asia, and the Pacific Islands are highlighted in Weaving Heritage: Textile Masterpieces from the Burke Collection, the first major exhibition of the Burke Museum's international textile collection.

Economics, availability of traditional materials, and changing perceptions of value have threatened the traditions of hand weaving around the world, replaced by cheap mass-produced, machine-made textiles. These exceptionally significant weavings are both works of art and sources of cultural identity, and provide outstanding examples of the traditional hand-weaver’s ability, technical and artistic.

The works in the collection showcase the skill and mastery of such traditional hand-woven pieces as clothing and blankets. A selection of looms and other equipment on display provides further context for the craft and heritage of weaving, along with video of weavers in action. The exhibition includes an activity area where visitors will have the opportunity to try their hand at weaving on various types of traditional looms, and an open programming space for artist demonstrations and school tours.


 Sun, Sep 5, 2010