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Liz Magor

Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver BC
Nov 16-Feb 23

Liz Magor - Burrow
Liz Magor, Burrow (1999), Polymerized alpha gypsum, fabric [Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Nov 16-Feb 23]

Vancouver artist Liz Magor has established an international reputation over the past 30 years. The current retrospective surveys photographs and installations produced during the most recent 13 years. It includes 15 examples of sculptures ranging in size from Hollow (1999) and Pearl White (2000) to the room-sized installations Cabin in the Snow (1989) and One Bedroom Apartment (1996).

The ongoing theme in Magor’s work is the desire for escape from the uncertainties of the contemporary world, into the imagined shelter of nature, history and the domestic. To this end, she uses survivalist culture and romantic conceptions of nature as her conceptual basis. Her materials have ranged from a wall of thousands of newspaper bricks to detailed sculptures of tree trunks and hollow logs. Whether creating a rustic cabin in an idealized northern setting, or re-constructing and photographing historical episodes for such series as Camping Portfolio (2002), she strives to match authentic experience with unattainable ideals.

Liz Magor is a leading Canadian visual artist who in 2001 won the Governor General Award for 30 years of practice and teaching. She has represented Canada in prestigious European exhibits and works in a variety of media. Currently Magor teaches at the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, BC. The works in this exhibit are on loan from private and gallery collections.

© Mia Johnson

 Sun, Nov 3, 2002