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All Nudes Review

Beppu Gallery and Betwixt & Between, Pacific City OR
Nov 2-30

Myrna Yoder - Standing in SilenceMyrna Yoder, Standing in Silence (2002), graphite, acrylic, copper leaf [Beppu Gallery, Pacific City OR, Nov 2-30]

The human form has been a subject of great interest for artists throughout history. In the small village of Pacific City two galleries have come togther to produce what is becoming an annual event in this quaint town. The All Nudes Review is a celebration of the human form by local and regional artists, some of who primarily work with the figure and others who have been invited to present their interpretation of this classic subject.

Created by the Betwixt and Between Gallery, with the support of the Beppu Gallery, this is the second year the tiny town of Pacific City will host this expanding exhibition. The works will be on display in the two gallery’s windows, as well as in some local cafés. The works range from representational and academic approaches to abstract and more expressive concepts of the nude form. A multitude of media will be reprsented, including works in steel, clay, wire, charcoal, pastel, oil, copper inlay, lithography and mixed media such as Judy Vogland’s wall assemblages which incorporate non-traditional materials such as tea bags.

The participating artists include Sherry Casper, Stan Beppu, Cydne Casper, Gail Beppu, Jack Fellman, Marilyn Burkhardt, Geordie Thompson, Myrna Yoder, Poppy Dully, Jody Anne, Carol Johnson, Spencer Davis, Judy Vogland, H.P. Harding, Steve Tilden, Marilyn Webber, Robert Petersen and Pat Keegan. For many, this exhibit will be about revealing a secret side of their art practice, as nudes are a subject not often seen in quiet communities such as Pacific City.

© Allyn Cantor

 Sun, Nov 3, 2002