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Mary Josephson: “Looking Homeward (with eyes toward the world)”

Laura Russo Gallery, Portland OR
Dec 5-Jan 5

Mary Josephson - Cool of the Evenng
Mary Josephson, Cool of the Evening (2002), oil on wood [Laura Russo Gallery, Portland OR, Dec 5-Jan 5]

Portland artist Mary Josephson has been painting personalities for over 20 years. Her upcoming exhibition, Looking Homeward (with eyes toward the world) is an attempt to broaden the concept that this artist has of home. Home, represented in the larger sense, can be interpreted as this planet and the reality that exists within it, as well as the world the way we imagine it to be.

To convey this idea Josephson uses female figures as her subjects. She paints a range of unique characters. Inspired by personal stories and the common place events that shape individual lives, Josephson captures a visual mythology that is housed inside each of her subjects. Her work is optimistic. Painted in bold saturated colours, in a setting of imagined scenery there is a heightened sense of spirit emanating from her works as it is the beauty of the world around us that she is focused on.

Josephson represents many different ethnicities here although none are quite clear or particular. There is a common thread among humanity despite cultural differences. It is life’s shared experiences that interest Josephson. We are all essentially the same, and it is this common bond or sense of unification that Josephson seeks.

© Allyn Cantor

 Sun, Nov 3, 2002