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Alphonse Borysewicz: New Work

Francine Seders Gallery
Seattle, WA Nov 8-Dec 1

Alphonse Borysewicz - Your Own Soul
Alfonse Borysewicz, Your Own Soul (1995-98), oil, wax on linen [Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle WA, Nov 8-Dec 1]

New work by Brooklyn based painter Alfonse Borysewicz is featured at Francine Seders Gallery. With a background in theology and work that is obviously rooted in abstraction, Borysewicz alludes to a spiritual realm in his paintings that implies a Christian faith.

The spiritual realm in Borysewicz’s work is achieved through the repetition, layering and patterning that happens during the act of painting. The result is much like a mantra for the eyes. Borysewicz’s larger works are successful in this way as the scale combined with his marks is captivating and at times even mesmerizing. Some pieces include letters or fragmented words which Borysewicz terms “Insignia”. In this series the works have a sensibility that is grounded by the familiarity of letter forms . Some letters take on the role of a bold gestural symbol and others allude to a stream of consciousness. The act of painting and releasing one’s thoughts on to canvas becomes apparent. This theological alphabet that Borysewicz has been creating is a way for the artist to give physical form to “personal and collective memories, experience and faith”.

Borysewicz works primarily in oil and wax on linen, and in this exhibit there will also be nearly a dozen smaller works on paper and board as part of the “Sower Seeds Series”.

© Allyn Cantor

 Sun, Nov 3, 2002