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Holly Armishaw: Sublime Realities

Kwantlen Art Gallery, Kwantlen University College
Surrey BC Nov 3-24, 2005

Emmet Gowin - Assemble Buildings and Munitions Storage, Hawthorne Army Depot, Nevada (1988)
Holly Armishaw, Yaletown (2005), lightjet Metallic prints [Kwantlen Art Gallery, Kwantlen University College, Surrey BC Nov 3-24]

Vancouver-based photographer Holly Armishaw experiments with digital media and unusual photographic films and inks to conjure a colourful, other-worldly reality. Her output media has included Lightjet prints on metallic paper, C-prints, and Duratrans prints mounted in lightboxes. The images reflect her interest in the possibility of parallel realities and her existential quest to photograph the unseeable.

Sublime Realities is a retrospective of work created during the past five years. The images began with scenic views shot on location in Paris, New York, Montreal, St. Kitts, San Juan, San Francisco or Vancouver, then digitally manipulated. In one section of a 16 x 60” triptych, a semi-transparent neon-blue banner advertising “DKNY Genes” covers the side of a New York building. Other pictures contain luminous flying objects that move into the realm of the magical. A brilliant orange mylar balloon hovers over the St. Lawrence Seaway; a chrome-plated torus mysteriously drifts alongside a Yaletown highrise.

Holly Armishaw - SoHo NYC
Holly Armishaw, SoHo NYC (2005), lightjet metallic prints [Kwantlen Art Gallery, Kwantlen University College, Surrey BC, Nov 3-24]

Armishaw’s work has been shown at the Elliott Louis Gallery in Vancouver, Presentation House Gallery in North Vancouver and the YYZ Artist’s Outlet in Toronto. Although her work is often characterized as being “from another planet”, the images have a strong earthly sensibility that displaces the elements of science fiction. The truth may be that we would like to see her beautiful, translucent globes in our own reality.

Holly Armishaw - St. Lawrence Seaway
Holly Armishaw, St. Lawrence Seaway (2005), lightjet Metallic prints [Kwantlen Art Gallery, Kwantlen University College, Surrey BC Nov 3-24]


Mia Johnson

 Wed, Nov 2, 2005